About the EU Studies Association Asia-Pacific

The EU Studies Association of Asia-Pacific was created in December 1999 as an umbrella organisation for cooperation among national EUSAs in the Asia-Pacific. The inaugural presidency had been held by EUSA-Korea until September 2004, when EUSA-Japan assumed responsibility. The EUSA-Asia Pacific held its first international conference in Seoul, Korea and its second one in Christchurch. The third international conference was held in Tokyo, Japan (2005) with the fourth and fifth international conferences being held again in Christchurch, New Zealand (2006) and Shanghai (2007). The sixth annual conference is being held again in Christchurch, September 2008.

The Asia-Pacific Association for EU Studies (EUSA-Asia Pacific) is an academic association in the Asia Pacific Region, devoted to the studies of the European Union and European Integration. It aims at promoting and coordinating EU Studies in the related fields, and cultivating and developing mutual understandings and friendly cooperation in the region and with the EU and its member states.

The purposes of the Society include:

  • Sponsoring EUSA Asia-Pacific Conferences
  • Organising academic symposia, seminars and workshops
  • Coordinating and organising research projects of common interest
  • Organising academic exchanges and other activities
  • Editing and publishing the journal ASIA PACIFIC JOURNAL OF EU STUDIES
  • Creating and maintaining a website

Membership currently includes ten national and regional EU studies societies from China, Hong Kong and Macau, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand.

The Asia-Pacific Journal of EU Studies, which is an official journal of the EU Studies Association Asia-Pacific is published twice a year. The Journal aims to provide an international forum for the dissemination of academic research and policy debate on the external dimensions and international implications of European issues. The Journal is by nature multidisciplinary, and the research area comprises theoretical and empirical evaluations of European integration, relations between the EU and the Asia-Pacific region, comparative analysis and policy studies, and related issues.

The Director of the Association, Prof. Martin Holland is a distinguished academic with expertise in European Integration, EU Foreign Policy and Perceptions. He has successfully set up and managed the National Centre for Research on Europe (NCRE) at the University of Canterbury and the New Zealand European Union Centre's Network, which is a network of seven universities with RELEX funding for various teaching, research and outreach projects. Prof. Holland was nominated in 2007 as one of the Twenty Success Stories of the Jean Monnet Programme and is a Jean Monnet Chair ad personum.

The EUSA Asia-Pacific Board comprises eight highly respected international scholars from throughout the Asia Pacific region. They all bring a range of skills and expertise to the Association and come from diverse academic backgrounds but with a strong focus on the EU and Integration Studies. The Board includes: Dr. Bruno Mascitelli, Prof. Dai Bingran, Prof. Ting Wai, Rajendra Jain, Katsuhiro Shoji, Bak-Soo Kim.

The EUSA Asia Pacific Board is ably supported in their administration and conference management by staff at the NCRE, who can offer extensive project, event and finance management skills.


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